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As usual the expedition took a very extensive medical kit to Vietnam. This comprised a variety of antibiotics, painkillers, dressings and creams. No major problems were encountered.

Betadine was used regularly to disinfect cuts and scratches. Antifungal creams and powders are also often useful. Antihistamine tablets were used occasionally for insect bites.

A few cases of diarrhoea were encountered, mostly short-lived. Rehydration solutions were useful, as well as Immodium. Ciprofloxin and Flagyl were included in the kit for any more serious cases.

Several people developed colds and flu-like illnesses, which also only lasted a short time.

One person had a sliver of wood embedded in the calf, which was removed with the use of painkillers, and healed rapidly.

Splints of various sizes were taken but fortunately not required.

The expedition would like to thank Dr Angela Hare and Dr John Burton for putting together the kit, and Dr Danielle Gemenis for providing injectable painkillers.

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