The two Vietnam virgins on the team, Ian ‘Watto’ Watson and myself carried out the first exploration of this cave. After a productive day at Cac Hao the entrance was spotted, a large resurgence with a 5m wide river issuing from its enticing mouth.

Both the ‘Cream of British” caving and myself were both incredibly hot after walking in this unfamiliar hot climate. Howard and Deb offered the opportunity of probing this resurgence for a quich recce in the short time available.

The entrance itself has a wide 30-metre dam at its resurgence with a small beach leading down to its watery entrance. The mouth of the cave at this point is aprox 20m by 25m. Ian and myself were granted 30 minutes initial inspection of the cave. Being the younger of the two human probes I was pushed in first by the elder of the team to inspect the way on. The passage gradually increasedwith a lovely echo and a good draught. We swam up the passage for a further 200m until we hit a walking / wading section. Knowing that we had only limited time a fast fell race approach was needed to bag as much passage as possible before returning to base. I started running down the passage much to the amusement of ‘Watto’ trying to keep up. Had it not been for the size of Watto and his ‘placid nature.’ I would have continued running but, as it happened, I was too scared by his threats to throttle me if I didn’t turn round. So we left the cave the first day at the “rock of ages” an impressive house size boulder in the middle of the stream way. With the way on still open and wide we returned to the entrance to tell of our caverns measureless to man and a cold beer at Snablets bar aka ‘parasol pleasures.’

The next day we returned armed with surveying gear along with Mau, Deb and Howard. We promptly surveyed up to the rock of ages. Swimming all the way, another 50 metres took us round an impressive sweeping corner and we ended in a large break down chamber with an obvious high level leading over a beautiful rock bridge 20 m above the stream way. A route was forged to the high level passage over a large boulder floor up onto a ledge. Here, much to the teams amusement as I delved into my ortlieb bag for some power bars, I discovered that for all my attempts with a roll of gafa tape while still in England, the botch job I had so beautifully done on my well used ortlieb bag, trying to save money in typical British student fashion had failed miserably, leaving me with one piss wet passport and several hundreds of thousand wet dong.


We left passport ledge and continued with an inlet entering immediately on the left hand wall 10 m high and 10m wide and draughting strongly. We erected a cairn and continued surveying.

We entered the next passage that rose up to the roof of the cave in a small 2m by 5m passage with lots of old stal decorating its interior; this petered out into a complete choke with no sign of a way on. We returned back to the cairn and surveyed the draughting passage which was very old with a cracked mud floor and the draft was found to be issuing from a choke high in the roof that was about as inviting as Watto for the night. The total surveyed length ended at 669m. The mainstream up stream ended in a monstrous sump pool 40 m wide. Very inviting indeed.

Robbie Burke


2012 Report


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