Report 2003


The Ke Bang Massif in central Vietnam stretches into neighbouring Laos and has been the main caving region for the British expeditions since 1990. The team has been based at the village of Son Trach, which in 1990 was a poor village with only very basic facilities. However with the development of Phong Nha show cave it has developed into a prosperous centre for tourism. Cave exploration has taken place in often-remote areas of jungle with many magnificent river caves being discovered forming two distinct systems. The vast resurgence cave of Hang Vom, perhaps one of the finest river caves in the world with its sinks lying deep in the jungle at Ruc carroon. The Phong Nha system

resurges at the impressive show cave and is fed from Hang Khe Ry, Vietnams longest cave.

The 2003 expedition hoped to explore deeper into the jungle from Ruc Caroong and push further upstream the Hang Vom system. It also investigated areas between the sinks and resurgences of both systems.


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