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Appendix 2
Medical Report
The medical kit was divided into 3 identical kits for use by 3 teams in the field at one time. We had 3 large field kits comprising antibiotics, painkillers, anti malarial treatment, dressings, splint, antihistamines, adrenaline injection, antifungal creams/powders, Betadine, etc. We also carried 3 small underground kits containing paracetamol, co-proxamol, Dihydrocodeine, immodium and some dressings.
The large kit was to be left at the campsite and the underground kit was small enough to be taken caving to cover small incidents. Further supplies were kept at the main base such as Son Trach for replenishment of field kits. A small amount of IV solutions/cannulas were also kept at base. Luckily there are now several pharmacies in Son Trach, so most medications could be replaced here if necessary.
Team members were responsible for their own anti malarial prophylaxis, mosquito repellent etc. Everyone had a mosquito net. This year was very cool and there were few problems with mosquitos.
Please contact the expedition if you require a detailed list of equipment.
Team members were advised to clean all cuts and grazes thoroughly, and to keep feet clean and dry. There were no problems with infected wounds and only one member developed a fungal foot infection which responded to cream and did not cause any problems.
Several team members suffered from a short episode of diarrhoea and vomiting. Whilst debilitating at the time, this was short lived and no treatment was necessary other than fluids and rest.
One team member suffered badly with flea bites, for a while. Anti histamine treatment helped.

The only notable injury was a large area of rash/blistering on the forearm. See photo. We did not find out the cause of this. Local knowledge suggested a plant, but there are also dangerous millipedes in the area. Being allergic to Penicillin, the team member took erythromycin tablets with him in case of infection. Some redness developed around the area of the rash, but did not spread further. A scar still remains after the rash healed up, which took 4 weeks.


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