Report 2007

 Hang Nui Tre

After we were unable to descend Tangs Shaft due to lack of ropes, Mr Khanh and Mr Phong showed us a couple of entrances near the Tra an bridge. 
The first Nui Tre was at the end of a small stream bed. The entrance was quite large, a 30m wide and 10m high arch. Inside the passage descended steeply over boulders. A climb down through boulders landed in a small chamber. Across the chamber it was possible to climb down the far wall and descend into a silted up passage. The small stream flowed across the floor, but there was no passable way on without digging. The passage at this point is very small. 
We also explored a couple of sink areas in the dry stream bed, but there was not much visible bedrock only a jumble of boulders, and no obvious passage.
Ruc Caroon

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