Vietnam Caves

Vietnam has some truly magnificent caves throughout the country. In the North of the country towards the Chinese border in areas such as Lang Son, Cao Bang, Son La, and Ha Giang many wonderful caves and Vietnam’s deepest cave have been discovered.

The largest and most important karst region is in Quang Binh in Central Vietnam around 500k from Hanoi. The Ke Bang limestone massif which crosses the border into Laos is now a World Heritage Site. The Ke Bang massif has now the longest river cave in the world in Hang Khe Ry and the largest cave passage in the newly discovered Hang Son Doong.
Many more amazing caves are still to be discovered in Vietnam. We are returning to Vietnam in March/April 2012 to continue exploration of Hang Son Doong.

All our expeditions have had truly wonderful support from Hanoi University of Science without them it would have not been possible. 


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