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Hang 26 and Nuoc Nut 2
Hang 26 was a cave rumoured to be a three hour walk from km26 of Road 20. In fact it is less than twenty minutes from the road. When Ian, Adam and Hellie went to the cave it started raining very heavily just as we started to get a fire going for lunch. After we had huddled under shower curtains and covered the fire with banana leaves, we dined well on pork and rice then while camp was built we set off for a preliminary look at the cave. Unfortunately we managed to fully explore it. Less than 40metres to a sump, this allegedly dries up, but unfortunately not today. The following morning we again went to the cave, assured that the sump would have dropped. It had not. So a survey and a couple of photos, and back to camp, to await our guides, who were searching for another cave, on the uphill side of Road 20, they could not find it. Now we decided to cut our losses, and ignore the promises of a cave, 200metres and one hour away for the delights of a walk down Road20 and hitching a bike back to Son Trach to get a jeep for the rest. This however was not as straightforward as it could have been. The first bike running out of fuel, and the second not having a clutch. Ian’s third walk down Road 20!
Nuoc Nut 2
 After the disappointment of Hang 26, the same team set out for a three hour walk to a big cave with somewhere to camp, a good draught, and a short pitch. This turned out to be a 6hour walk, on a very hot day with no water, our guides had to use some of our water, and they resorted to eating uncooked rice. However we did get to a cave with somewhere to camp, but no draught and no pitch. The objective still another one and a half hour away with nowhere to camp. Unfortunately our two day trip could not be extended to three days, so, we surveyed our camping cave, Nuoc Nut 2. A few 100metres of well decorated, batty smoke filled chambers. A disappointing end to four days of jungle bashing, dehydrating, and alternate roasting and soaking. However it could have been worse, we could have gone to Son Doong!
Adam Spillane


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