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Hang To Mo


Having been very lucky to find two going river caves in the idyllic valley of Tu Lan, we decided it was time to look at the upstream entrance in the valley. The water resurging from this cave enters Hang Tu Lan.

Our guide took us to the entrance through the forest which was a lot easier than having to wade upstream. The water emerges from Hang To Mo to cascade down several tufa dams, a very beautiful place.

Wading in from the dams soon led into a swim. Across the other side of the pool, we climbed out, and proceeded through flowstone for about 10m to a drop into another pool. We could see flowing water at the other side, however the passage was quite small.

We dropped into the pool, and swam the short distance to shallow water. The current here was very strong. Ducking under an arch, we soon came to the sump, a small pool with a very fast flow of water issuing from it.

Deb Limbert


Photo by Carsten Peter




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