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Summary of 2012 Expedition Quang Binh

The Phong Nha Cave System Overview

Hang En, Khe Rhy and Hang Nuoc En (honest it isn’t a sewer) Report.

Hang Va

Hang Ho Ky

Hang Hoa and Hang Hung in the Hang Thung Valley

Hang Dan and Hang Lo Do

Hang 21

KM 28 Cave

K30 Valley

Hang Ba Lam KM 35

K27 Shaft

Hang Trau

Hang Dai Cao Report (Hang Nam, Hang Nghia)

The Hills Are Alive

Perfect Cave

Thuong Shaft and sink

Hang Cao/Vuc So 5 Day Walk 19/3/12– 23/3/12

Xuong Valley.

Xuong valley and beyond

Xuong Valley Third Trip

Tu Lan cave system

Medical Report

Gear Reviews

Vietnam 2012: The Descent of Son Doodle by W.H. Bowman–Long

Team members


Vietnam 2012 surveyed passage

Vietnams longest

Vietnams deepest


2012 Report


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