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Hang Trau
We drove back down to kilometre 24 as our second objective was to finish off a cave discovered in the first week of the expedition. This meant a 4 hour walk to Hang Dai A, where we would camp.

After a roadside lunch we set off. The rain reappeared and we got a soaking, but luckily it stopped before we got to camp. Hang Trau, named after the Betel Nut tree nearby was a large dry entrance with an assortment of ways off. Most closed down fairly quickly. One choked passage emitted a strange rumbling sound. It could have been anything, water draught or bats!!! Impossible to say, and impossible to get in there.
Over on the right hand side was a shaft which the previous trip had stopped at due to lack of rope. Three 5m climbs led to the head of the pitch with a Damocles-like stal hanging down. Possibly a calcited tree root. The pitch consisted of two drops of
10m and 18m to a large ledge. Climbing down off the ledge led into a narrow passage heading back underneath, which led after 30m to a gravel choke. We finished the survey and de-tackled taking a few photos.

Back at camp the lads said they'd found another entrance nearby. A 10 minute walk along the river bank led to an entrance filled with large mudbanks. Jonathan was in his best caving gear so had the treat of pushing the 2 small ways on. Luckily for him they
soon closed down. The cave was called 2 frogs cave after the occupants. No more leads in the area, so the next day we retreated back to base.


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