K27 Shaft

To get to this shaft we had to take the usual truck up road 20. After calling in at the Forestry checkpoint we continued for a couple more kilometres. Our guides jumped out next to the road and started rummaging about in the undergrowth. After a few minutes they announced we were there.

Literally right next to the road was a relatively narrow opening which was obviously quite deep. The first pitch of 8m was rigged off flowstone bosses, and was a slope down. Too steep to free climb, and with further drops below. A couple of flowstone rebelays and pitches of 6m and 12m led on to quite a large wide ledge.

Adam continued with the rigging whilst Jonathan and I did the surveying. A couple of bolts over the lip of the ledge and we had a nice 33m free hang onto a rubble floor. The passage is 20m wide here, but narrowed down to a 2m wide passage descending steeply over rocks. Several old animal bones were scattered about here. A piece of jawbone with a tooth was identified as a juvenile wild boar.
After a couple of short drops, two pitches of 15m and 12m dropped down what was now a narrow rift. Sadly at the bottom of these we were left with a 6m climb down to a gravel choke.

We camped for the night on the other side of the road, putting our hammocks up in the trees. We had a nice dinner, and sat around for the usual rice wine session. For once it was one of our guides who had too much and had to be put to bed.

We were woken about 5am by the sound of thunder and an approaching storm. Adam and Jonathan with their modern hammocks and tarpaulins were quite cosy, but the rest of us with local hammocks and plastic sheets beat a hasty retreat to the back of the truck. We loaded all the gear, and covered ourselves with a tarp just before the deluge hit. It was an impressive storm. After an hour or so when the rain had eased but not stopped, we retreated to the forestry post to shelter on their balcony. When the rain finally stopped the truck went back to pick up Adam and Jonathan.


2012 Report


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