Perfect Cave

Deb, Adam and I went to have a day trip to a cave 15 mins from the road that Mr Ky (one of the excellent guides and porters who had joined us on our last two trips) had found the previous day while we were waiting to be picked up after a 3 day trip into the Jungle.
Arriving at the large and impressive entrance confirmed he had done a fantastic job. The entrance appeared to be a window into a very large passage. Both ways eventually choked, but were adorned with fine formations and large stal bosses as well as a large colony of bats, which were none too pleased to be disturbed by Mr Ky while looking for possible ways on. After finishing the survey (around 600 m of new passage in total), Adam took a few photos before we headed back to the road to be picked up after around 2 – 3 hrs in the cave.
It just goes to show that in this jungle environment there is still plenty of potential, even close to home!
Mike Bottomley


2012 Report


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