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Summary of 2012 Expedition Quang Binh

This 10 week expedition included the assistance of the team in taking down Hang Son Doong two film crews from Vietnam TV. One Quang Binh TV, and the other VTV4. Also on this trip members of the Quang Binh committee, National Park and forestry people were present. This gave the people in the province an insight into the wonderful Hang Son Doong for the first time.

The main part of the expedition set about its work in early March and up to date has surveyed and explored over 20km of new cave passage. A total of 43 new caves have been discovered all within Quang Bing province, the vast majority in Bo Trach district. Using the invaluable assistance of local guides we have been able to discover many fascinating new discoveries.

The longest cave discovered to date is in the Xuong valley where a great deal of new cave is present. This is a difficult area to access and involves very long walks into the jungle for up to 9 days. This cave Hang Ky is over 4km long. Another cave called Hang Va was discovered off the new Ho Chi Minh highway from Khe Van bridge. This cave is 1.7k long and has some excellent and possibly unique stalagmite formations which are extremely beautiful. A lot of publicity in the National press about this cave has increased the awareness of the expedition and the amazing caves that are present in the Ke Bang massif.

The Phong Nha system will be now over 75k long, the longest in Vietnam and the Hang Vom system will be over 43k long, the second longest in Vietnam.

Much work remains to be done in the Ke Bang massif and future expeditions will I am sure yield more success. This trip has been an excellent expedition and in conjunction with Hanoi University of Science has been one of our most rewarding in the last 22 years.

The final 2 weeks of our expedition we will lead a Japanese filming team into Hang Son Doong to make a film which we hope will promote to many people the beauty of the Quang Binh province and which in turn will lead to more tourists visiting the World Heritage site.

A complete list of caves and all photographs and surveys will be available for the Peoples Committee and the National Park and Forestry departments after the expedition. We are hoping in conjunction with Hanoi University of Science to produce a book about the caves of Quang Binh in the near future.


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