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Vuc So

Was visited the following day as we retraced our steps back albeit some 1k north & then east of the incoming path. The obvious, distinct looking cleft (captured for posterity on camera for those wishing to re-visit), 20m x 4m with a rubble strewn descent to the pitch head proper. Obvious straightaway that our 35m + 20m tat ropes would prove insufficient, thrown rocks dropping for 4 seconds before bouncing off a ledge & then down to a further, indeterminable, depth. Would guess probably not worth attempting without 100m's of rope to ensure you not only got down but had sufficient in reserve for any additional drop.
Walk out to pick up point joined the main track very near Salt n' Pepper shafts. GPS log showed some 42k walking in total. Vuc So will need visiting again with drill, ropes. Rock looks good & wouldn't expect any particular difficulty in rigging.



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