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Expedition Summary

Most of the leads this year were in remote areas of the Ke Bang Massif. Two trips were made to the remote area beyond Xuong Valley, and two trips visited areas along the border with Lao.

Beyond the Xuong valley, 10 new entrances were explored. Significantly Hang May was 1100m long and 200m deep; Vuc Moi was 500m long and 213m deep, and Hang  Lan was 123m long and 33m deep.

To the west of Road 20, near the village of A Ky, Hang A Ky proved to be the first cave we are sure crosses the border, and water resurging here will come from Lao. 1260m long, the cave is initially quite dry with old formations. Further in you eventually meet the stream, and the cave ends with a deep sump pool.

To the east of road 20, a 3 day walk with lots of entertaining climbs did not yield much. Dong Vong Phu, a high level cave 840m long.

Other areas were accessed from Road 20 such as above Hang Khe Ry and beyond Hang Dai A.

Above Khe Ry, Hang Hoa/Vuc Heo was explored for about 700m and Hang Ha for 360m. A long day’s walk beyond Dai A led to Vuc The, a 200m deep cave, almost entirely vertical.

Hang Khe Trieng (previously Khe Tien or Trevor’s Cave) was finally explored to a conclusion after 3.3k, and an unusual cave was explored between Khe Trieng and the En Valley. Hang Khe Dung 1.5k long, was unusual because there was very little limestone in the cave, mostly sandstone.

K17 shaft 160m deep dropped into an underground river, but was not fully explored.

39 caves were explored yielding just over 17k of new passage.

As usual not all the leads were visited, and some leads from previous trips still remain. Our local guides are regularly asking us about new entrances they are hearing about, so there will undoubtedly be plenty to do in 2016.






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