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Vietnam Expedition Medical Kit 2014

As usual we try to provide a comprehensive first aid kit, as teams are often several days away from each other and any medical help. A typical kit contains:

·         Paracetamol 500mg

·         Co Codamol 30/500g

·         Diclofenac 50mg

·         Lidocaine 2% Plain. Local anaesthetic

·         Metronidazole: 400mg       

·         Erythromycin: 250mg         

·         Amoxycillin: 500mg                        

·         Ciprofloxacillin 500mg       

·         Flucloxacillin 500mg                      

·         Anti-histamine (Chlorphenamine)

·         Diazepam 2mg

·         Loperamide/Lomatil

·         Buccastem (prevents nausea)

·         Daktarin/Lamisil cream anti-fungal

·         Daktarin powder anti-fungal

·         Savlon cream antiseptic

·         Chloramphenicol solution for eyes

·         Otomize for ears

·         Videne antiseptic solution

·         Assorted rehydration tablets/sachets

·         Antimalarials: doxycycline, lariam,

·         An assortment of bandages and dressings

·         Steristrips and stitching kits

·         Burn gels


Typically we don’t have many problems with diarrhoea or stomach upsets. People often suffer with the heat and dehydration, so we have made more effort to carry and use rehydration salts.

Fungal foot-rot is always a concern and needs preventative measures such as always changing to dry socks/shoes at night and using anti-fungal powders.

All cuts and grazes/bites etc are treated with Videne solution to avoid infection.

There were not many problems this year, except a severely sprained ankle, heat exhaustion, and Martin’s epic to be covered elsewhere.

This year we used De Lorme satellite messaging devices, which proved difficult at first, but eventually we sorted out a regular communication system between the groups and base camp. This system can send a text message or e mail. Either a pre-set message or free text, and provided you are careful are not too expensive to run!


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