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Vietnam Quang Bing 2014 expedition

The 2014 expedition was again based solely in Quang Bing province. In this area we have now had 16 major expeditions exploring vast, impressive wonderful caves. Obviously during that time the easier options have been pretty well checked out. Thus expeditions now have to visit the jungle and its many difficulties for long periods of time to explore new caves. The limestone massif is huge and the majority is unexplored in terms of cave exploration. On the latest expedition we discovered and explored over 17 km of new cave passage. Many vertical remote caves were explored as well as a number of river caves.

As usual we are indebted to Hanoi University of Science who made all it all possible for us. We have worked with them closely now for nearly 25 years and without their considerable help none of the success would have possible.

The province has changed considerably since our first expedition in 1990. In the last few years the area has become very popular with tourists visiting the amazing caves and beautiful area. It is expected to be the 3rd most popular destination in Vietnam in 2015. Over 5,000 people are now employed due to the caves and tourism and the area is thriving.

The local guides and porters we use on every expedition always are the stars of each and every trip out into the jungle. Nearly all the caves we explore now are as a direct result of these guides. Without them it would be impossible to achieve anything like our present results. They are still actively searching for new caves as they understand the importance of caves in this area.

This expedition was tough on bodies. We had a number of injuries though not all from caving.  On this expedition we spent a lot of time in very remote areas towards the Laos border. There are still many new caves and leads to explore that we were unable to finish on the last expedition. We plan to return for a 6 week expedition in early 2016.

Huge thanks must be given to all the expedition members, who worked extremely hard in very difficult conditions during the 6 week expedition.


Howard Limbert




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